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If you're looking for a kung fu schools in China that teaches traditional Chinese martial arts and embraces Chinese culture.Taizu Shaolin Kung Fu Academy is the best choice. Train to improve your skills and be closer to nature. Improve your tai chi techniques. Learn Tai Chi And Martial Arts in China! China is the most popular destination of martial arts enthusiasts.

Taizu Shaolin Kungfu School, located in Handan City(China ancient capital,Birthplace of Taichi,Cultural city ,Martial arts village).

We offer high quality all inclusive kung fu training, teaching students from around the world in all different styles of Chinese Kungfu.Shaolin Kung Fu,Sanda (Sanshou), Qigong, qinna, Tai Chi, Xingyi,Bagua, Baji, Wing Chun. Our full time kung fu training allows you to learn at a fast pace. You really can learn a lot in a short amount of time here!

China is one of the most popular destinations for foreigners who want to train and enjoy nature at its best. China is home to some of the oldest kinds of martial arts; Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, you name it. It also has the best sceneries where up to now most of the trainings are done. Train to improve your skills and be closer to nature.

Whether you are kids ,Youth, Middle-aged person ,Aged ,Man ,woman. Whether you are a beginner or a very experienced martial artist, whether you want to stay for a month or a year - we kindly invite you to learn chinese martial arts from our highly distinguished shaolin monks masters. All trainers trained martial arts since childhood. Of course they have a lot of teaching experience and speak Chinese and English language. Shaolin Wushu encompasses traditional and contemporary styles as well as external and internal forms.

Kung Fu Schools Highlits

  • Learn Tai Chi chuan, Shaolin kung fu, and Chi kung
  • Study Bagua palm, Xingyi fist, kickboxing, and Sanda
  • Shaolin Kung Fu training with the masters Monday through Friday
  • Learn Mandarin, Taoism, Calligraphy and massage
  • Meals with vegetarian, vegan, and other dietary options
  • Get a school certificate after completing your training
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Optimized training in small groups
  • Personal training by authentic kung fu masters optimized for foreigners
  • All levels are welcome

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Learn kung fu in China, just follow you heart. But if you want further tips, I’m glad to help.

All the martial arts styles listed below have corresponding Full-time classes and professional Masters here:

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu is the original martial art born in the Songshan Mountain Shaolin Temple.Shaolin Kung Fu is the pearl of Chinese wisdom, which was handed down by numerous generations of China;s top martial artists.
Shaolin Kung Fu has a vast content and numerous forms. the Shaolin monks mainly focus on cultivating Chan practice and manifesting the spirit of traditional Chinese culture. is by far the best known and most popular martial art in the world.

Learn Shaolin Kung Fu

Tai Chi Chuan Taiji Quan

Tai chi Is to China traditional philosophy of Confucianism and Taoism in Tai Chi, yin and Yang dialectical philosophy as the core idea, Tai Chi does give incredible health benefits, it is also an internal martial art, capable of transforming your body, mind and also self-defense capability. It is suited to people of any age, gender or body form.  Some training forms of tai chi chuan are especially known for being practiced with relatively slow movements. tai chi kung fu Training in china?

Learn Tai Chi Chuan

Wing Chun Yong chun

Wing Chun (yong chun) is a concept-based Chinese martial art and form of self-defense utilising both striking and grappling while specializing in close range combat.Wing Chun has become a significant and famous martial art. Bruce Lee promoted and made the art popular in the world today. The martial art required that the people use soft and hard, internal and external techniques thus making it easier to balance the required power.

Learn Wing Chun

San Da Boxing

Sanda, ‘Chinese Kickboxing’, is also called Sanshou ,which roughly translates as “actual combat”. In the past, Chinese called it “technique fighting” or “striking”. The simple concept of Sanda is two people fighting against each other without weapons.Recently, it has also become a combat sport and many people are learning san shou because of the competitive sport scene cropping up across the world today. It began with the productive labor of labor and their struggles for survival to become transformed into a gem of cultural heritage.

Learn Sanda boxing

Chi Kung QI Gong

Qigong (Chi Kung) is a kind of breathing adjustment, physical activity and awareness adjustment adjustment (pranayama, tune-shaped, spherical) as a means to physical fitness, development potential for the purpose of a mind-body training methods. physical activity and awareness for mental or spiritual energy. Qi Gong is the basis of the power of the Chinese martial arts, whether kung fu, or the more subtle internal forms, such as tai chi, hsing-i, and ba gu

Learn Chi Kung

Chin Na Wushu

Chin na Is the evolution from martial arts , which is characterized not only by a variety of weapons, unarmed combat techniques, the use of human joints, chakras and the vital parts of weakness, so that the other body parts have pain and fight. In the martial arts. The use of human joints, acupoints and key parts of weakness, using the lever principle and meridian theory, reverse joint action and focus on attacking each other weaknesses, which produces the physiological irresistible pain reaction, to take the place of the capture effect

Learn Chin Na Wushu

Chinese Kung Fu Masters

Our masters are some of the best in China. They are authentic martial arts masters having honed their skills over their lifetimes. They have a large range of experience teaching students.

Grand Master Guo

Master Guo is one of the most famous traditional Chinese Kung Fu Masters,comes from a traditional Kung Fu family .he begun to learn Wushu from eight years old , His grandfather began to train him. learned the basic skills . He then joined the local kung fu community and was taught by more professional kung fu masters.

Master Shi yanhao

Masters Xu (Shi Yanhao)also came from a strong background in martial arts, and his grandfather started his training from a very young age. By age twelve he was studying full time in the Shaolin temple. 34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk and 6th generation of inheritors Yangshi Tai Chi Quan.

Chinese Tai Chi Master

Zhijing Wu . As the 5th generation of Yangshi Tai Chi Quan, he is also awarded vice-chairman of the Chinese Tai Chi committee, the coach of international martial collage, the committee of Beijing Wushu association,Director of Tai chi Theory Institute , the national Tai Chi Quan coach.

Master Shi yanfei

Masters Liu(Shi Yanfei), born at a noble family well-known as martial arts,is the 34th monk of Shaolin.He began to practise taijiquan and neijaiquan as a child, he went to the Shaolin Monastery for further study at 13 ,which is the beginning of career of learning martial arts.

Professional training

  • Authentic Chinese Kung Fu
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced athletes
  • Optimized for foreigners with or without experience
  • Many years of experience teaching in small groups
  • Suitable for women and men
  • Short and long term programs
  • Full-day training
  • Fast improving your skills
  • Traditional and Modern Kung Fu Styles

Quality training facilities

  • Indoor & Outdoor Training
  • Wing Chun Equipment
  • Weight Training Room
  • Punching Bags
  • Kung Fu Weapons
  • Tons Of Training Space
  • Sparing Equipment
  • & Much More

More than just a Kung Fu Camp

  • 3 Meals a Day
  • Healthy & vegetarian food
  • Beautiful Location
  • Fruit & Vegetables Grown on Site
  • Fast Internet
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Basketball court
  • Certificate of Training Available
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