January 14, 2021

Learn kung fu in china

learn kung fu in china

Learn Kung Fu in China

If you’re looking for a kung fu school and learn kung fu in china, you’ve come to the right place. Taizu Shaolin Kung fu School offers high-quality training with Shaolin masters, we specialize in training martial arts to non-Chinese speaking students. Our Shaolin masters speak English, The Masters of the school are Shaolin warrior monks trained from an early age inside the original Shaolin Temple. They have rich experience teaching Kung Fu to international students. Our full time kung fu training allows you to learn at a fast pace. You really can learn a lot in a short amount of time here!

learn kung fu

We offer high quality all inclusive kung fu training, teaching students from around the world in all different styles of Chinese Kungfu. Shaolin Kung Fu ,Sanda (Sanshou), Qigong, qinna, Tai Chi, Xingyi,Bagua, Baji, Wing Chun.



It’s safe to say that many Kung fu practitioners, no matter where they reside, has had a life-long dream to train in China to master the art of Kung Fu. That said, the idea of training in China.

The school is an ideal place in Hebei,Relying on its excellent teaching quality and complete facilities, Province for foreign Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu lovers to practice authentic Kung Fu.The school warmly welcomes all to learn traditional Kung Fu here in China and become a part of it's community.

Our Shaolin Kung Fu School Located

Taizu Shaolin Kung fu School, located in Handan City(China ancient capital,Birthplace of Taichi,Cultural city ,Martial arts village),an environmentally protected mountain of natural beauty and cultural importance. our martial arts school in China is away from the distractions of the big city, providing students with a serene environment for training and growing in strength and spirit.

Our Shaolin kung fu school is surrounded by historic places and ancient scenic spots. You can see the lake and the China's red tourism classic scenic spots is next door. Nüwa Palace, The Nüwa Palace, also known as Wahuang Palace , is a compound of palaces and temples beside Phoenix Mountain (Fenghuangshan)in She County, Handan Prefecture, Hebei Province, China. It principally honors the Chinese goddess Nüwa, whom the ancient Chinese believed created mankind and repaired the sky in prehistoric times. As such, the location is treated as a kind of ancestral shrine of all mankind. All these wonderful places support our students' learning and create the perfect place to study kung fu in China.

How to learn kung fu

For people who want to learn real kung fu, a strong will and persistence is the precondition for learning. And then, one should follow a master or join a training school to learn systematically. The basic skills of legs, waist, shoulders, and stance training need to be practiced daily. Employing the solid foundation of the basic skills, one can choose from the various sects to learn specific routines of boxing, kicking and weapon skills, to improve the combat ability.

Kung Fu Training

Our Kung fu master Masters will do their utmost to train each student in martial arts. However, we expect each student to learn and excel at their own rate. Simply put, the harder you train, the better you will become. While each student will encounter both physical pain or weakness at some point, working through these roadblocks is part of the kung fu training process. Putting in the physical work, building mental stamina, and following the guidance from our teachers is what will take your kung fu training to another level and make you both physically and mentally stronger.

Our Kung Fu training plans have three levels and we base our teaching plans on these principles. These kung fu training levels are as follows:

  • Primary Level: Form and appearance mastery. Building the pieces of your stance, form, and mental capabilities.
  • Intermediate Level: The “integration of mind and fist.” This is where students begin to combine the movements they have learned with their focused minds (Qi).
  • Expert Level: This is when a student no longer thinks of mind and body as separate entities, but subconsciously melds the two together, making kung fu a part of who and what they are.

About Chinese Kung Fu

Being fighting styles, Kung Fu advocates virtue and peace, not aggression or violence. This has been the common value upheld by martial artists from generation to generation. With a number of movement sets, boxing styles, weapon skills, and some fighting stunts, Kung Fu keeps its original function of self-defense. Now its value in body-building and fitness is also highly appreciated.

You can get a further understand from the Chinese letters:

  • 武 Wu, means martial, force, and fighting. It’s the capability and strength to do.
  • 术 Shu, means technique and method. People use it to do things in a better way.
  • 功夫 Kung Fu, first means “taking a long time to do something”, and then means “have the ability”.

China is one of the most popular destinations for foreigners who want to train and enjoy nature at its best. China is home to some of the oldest kinds of martial arts; Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, you name it. It also has the best sceneries where up to now most of the trainings are done. Train to improve your skills and be closer to nature. kung fu camp in china

Kung Fu is not something that can learnt overnight. It requires hard work, determination, and lots of time to master Kung Fu and understand it properly.

Thanks for visiting our Website. We look forward to showing you why we are the China kung fu school that fits your needs.