Standing piles martial arts

Standing piles occupy a very important place in traditional martial arts, but also very magical and mysterious, so what does standing it play a role? What exactly is it practicing? Why the same pile method, some people can practice kung fu, some people stand for many years and no effect?

Some people say that piling is a static way to train the muscles, and some say that piling is for the purpose of standing steadily, which is both right and wrong, why do you say so? Why? Just read on patiently and you will soon understand. In the following, we will discuss staking together on these issues.

In fact, also divided into knowing already and knowing one’s own kung fu.

To know one’s own body, one has to experience and understand one’s own body frame and structure, and to improve one’s body’s ability to do work. The human body is deformed due to incorrect use in later life.

The average person’s awareness of his own body is so poor that he can’t even feel where the waist is or where the hips are, let alone command and control them. They can’t tell which is flesh, which is tendon, which is bone, so when they exert force, the tendon, bone and flesh are tense together, and a ball of stiffness. So and energy consumption and the effect is not good.

Therefore, the first step of the staking is to learn to relax, through relaxation, so that the deformed body to return to the natural state of the innate: qi and blood sinking, virtual neck and jaw, virtual chest and solid abdomen, round back and loose waist, slippery buttocks and crotch sit …… so that the consciousness of the structure of the body’s perceptual ability to gradually be improved.

With this stage of staking, know that the kung fu will be greatly improved, you then go to do the work to make the force, it is clear whether the sinews in the force or the muscles in the force. Learning to relax the stage, the general master is not allowed to apprentice to engage in weight training, you have to loose out to go to practice.

The second step of the pile is to stretch the tendons and bones, because it has been clearly divided into tendons, bones and flesh, in the pile stand requires the tendons to be taut, bones to support, flesh to be loose, practicing the tendons and bones. If the first step is not practiced well, and the sinews, bones and flesh are not clearly differentiated, and the second step is practiced directly, then it is almost a waste of practice.

In traditional kung fu, if a student’s kung fu is not good enough to fulfill this requirement, the master will not tell him the next step, one of the reasons is that he is afraid that he will be in a hurry and go to the next step without laying a good foundation, which will result in the failure of the kung fu or the impurity of the kung fu.

The theory of Pile Gong comes from Taoism, which emphasizes on nature and returning to the truth. Unlike modern sports theories, Taoism does not believe that strength is practiced, on the contrary, strength is inherent in human beings, but it is the bad habits that cause deformation of the human body, stiffening of the muscles, and the emergence of clumsy force.

Therefore, the stump work is to remove the clumsy force constantly, so that the natural force of the innate return out. I always say: the primary staking is a process of removing the clumsy force.

So where does one’s strength come from in actual combat? Modern sports theory that is from the muscle contraction, internal boxing theory is not so, it is believed that the source of strength is the five viscera and six internal organs of the strong and the Dantian drumming. It makes sense that when a person has a problem with one of the organs, the person will feel weak in the limbs.

Knowing the source of strength, there are two other things we have to do in staking, one is how to raise the five viscera and six bowels to be strong, and the other is how to clear the way for the transmission of strength, try to make it not to be depleted or clogged in the transmission process.

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