Tai ji Push Hands

What is Tai Ji Push Hands?

Tai ji Push Hands is an important part of Taijiquan training and is highly valued by Taijiquanists. The origin and development of Taiji Push Hands, as well as the value of health maintenance and combat, have become an important field of exploration and research for Taijiquan practitioners and Taiji enthusiasts of all generations.

Tai Chi Push Hands

Taiji Push Hands, known as “Kneading Hands”, “Squeezing Hands” and so on in ancient times, is a kind of set of culture, fitness, recreation and competition that takes the torso of upper limbs of the body as the attacking part, uses eight methods of arrow-quiver, stroking, squeezing, pressing, adopting, 挒, elbow and leaning to make the other party’s body lose its balance by borrowing force, Recreation and competition as one of the confrontational forms of Taijiquan.

Taijiquan Push Hands Practice Skills

  • Shedding the positive and fixing the horizontal. It is often said that “people have less horizontal force”, especially in the process of Taijiquan Push Hands, although there is elasticity around the body, when the legs are separated back and forth, although the other party has horizontal force, the horizontal force is always less than the vertical force. The center, the center of gravity, the two points are in the vertical, and into the move to attract it to leave the support point, shed its front, hit its horizontal, the other side because the force point can not be focused on the unity, once it leaves its point of support, the body naturally tilted, the horizontal hit, that is, to fall out.
  • into the body to deceive people, grasp the human body “three sections”. From the whole human body, the head for the tip section, waist for the middle section, foot for the root section, such as the three sections were deceived, that is, can not live then, more unable to make a move, and their own running freely, left and right, is the other party to put in the back position, so that, “check the tip of the section,” “deceived section”, Therefore, it is said that the three methods of “making the tip section”, “deceiving the section” and “disk root section” are Taijiquan’s hand-pushing techniques. “Body, hands, feet, up and down with each other, in order to collapse the tip of the joints, stroking the root section, blocking the middle section, this is the control of the upper limbs of the two arms of the law. The method of controlling the upper and lower sections of the opponent’s body, hands and feet is the method of controlling the top and bottom sections of the opponent’s body, hands and feet by controlling the top section, deceiving the middle section and the root section”.

Taijiquan as a Chinese martial arts family in an excellent boxing, not only has the effect of physical health, but also has the ability of combat skills, if the loss of combat skills, it becomes a purely physical movement to enhance the physical form of sports, but also become a kind of gymnastics. Taiji Push Hands, as a form of sparring technique, has an important role to play in promoting the practitioners to improve the level of Taijiquan.

Tai Ji Push Hands

The role of Taiji Push Hands

  • Improve the level of set rehearsal. The sets of Taijiquan are organized on the basis of the techniques of Taijiquan, and in addition to some normative requirements for the rehearsal of wushu sets, the techniques must be distinctly portrayed, and the degree of understanding and mastery of the various techniques in the sets by the practitioners determines the level of rehearsal of the sets.
  • Deepen the understanding of Tai chi kung fu boxing theory and boxing method. Taijiquan’s technical concepts and techniques such as “surrendering oneself to others”, “stretching with the curve”, “sticking and following, not throwing and not topping”, “introducing and falling into the air” and so on. “The concepts and laws of combat, as well as various techniques of combat, can only be realized and mastered through Taiji Push Hands.
  • Tamping down the foundation. Wushu techniques require a certain amount of power to guarantee, otherwise, even the most skillful moves will not be able to bring their magical power into play. Wushu power, is the need for some specific ways and means of long-term training and accumulation. For thousands of years, successive generations of martial artists to find and accumulate a wealth of power training means and methods, these specialized power training means, on the improvement of martial arts power plays a pivotal role.
  • Exercise courage. As the saying goes, “the brave are invincible”. Due to the lack of courage, to meet the enemy in battle, “hands and feet, usually learn to shoot the method of fighting, as much as possible have forgotten”, usually practiced martial arts and then familiar, but also not necessarily be able to overcome the enemy to win. “If you use the usual one point of martial arts out, there is no invincible, with two points out, one can beat five, with five points out, there is no enemy carry on”. Taiji push hands of two people straight to the opponent, you and I, attack and defense conversion, is an effective means of exercising courage.
  • Enhance reaction speed. Taiji push hands movement, the two follow certain rules, in the move between the conversion of raw and grams feel each other’s strength to the direction of the changes in techniques, so as to go viscous hit to cope with it. Through long-term practice and exploration, it can significantly enhance the sensitivity of the skin in all parts of the body and the emergency reaction speed of the brain.

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