The end of health is to develop good habits.

After several years of epidemic, everyone’s awareness of health gradually increased, bloodline awakening, more and more cherish life! Around the 95 after zero, go out and start to bring a thermos cup, the office to make health tea, health, foot soak, learning Chinese medicine. This is a good phenomenon.

the end of health is to develop good habits.

There will be some people around, with certain products or practicing a certain health gong to improve sub-health and other issues, do but did not see any change. During this period of time, I was also thinking deeply about this issue, the answer suddenly became clear in the past two days.

Summarized in one sentence: the end of health is to develop good habits.

  • 70% of the body’s diseases are related to emotions

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine says: “Anger hurts the liver, joy hurts the heart, thought hurts the spleen, sadness hurts the lungs, fear hurts the kidneys.” “Anger is qi up, joy is qi slowing, sadness is qi canceling, fear is qi down, shock is qi disorganization, thought is qi knot.”

Emotions are one of the most important factors in human health, and 70% of diseases are related to emotions. Therefore, maintaining emotional stability and a positive mindset is one of the keys to good health.

In order to keep our emotions stable, we can adopt some methods, such as relaxing our body and mind by standing on piles and practicing Tai Chi, or enriching our life, relieving stress and improving our emotional state by communicating with friends and relatives and cultivating some hobbies.

We can try to face the difficulties and challenges in life with a positive attitude, and find opportunities and motivation for growth from them; we can also try to be tolerant and accommodating, and keep a forgiving heart for other people’s mistakes and faults, and avoid affecting our own emotions because of small things.

Nurture your mind, meditate more and look within. Settle in the present moment, learn to let go and not complain.

  • Keep your mouth shut is also a cure

As the saying goes, illness enters by the mouth. Control the diet control their own mouth, can avoid many diseases, and even some diseases can be self-cured.

Focus on the health and nutrition of the diet, avoid excessive intake of high-calorie, high-fat, high-sugar foods, and reduce the damage to the body of bad eating habits.

Many times eating is paying for your emotions. When you are disillusioned, you drink to relieve your sorrows and eat a lot of food; when you are pleased, you should drink to celebrate and eat freely.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, nourishment is to do subtraction. In fact, people really don’t need to eat so much, seven points full and three points hunger. This is the secret to staying away from diseases and not burdening one’s stomach and intestines.

In addition to controlling our diet, we can also promote good health by increasing our intake of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber can help the digestive system function properly, keep the intestines healthy and prevent constipation and other intestinal problems. Also, dietary fiber can lower cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

  • Nourish Yang Qi

Everything grows by the sun, and yang qi is like the sun. Without yang qi, how would everything be? Visible yang qi on the importance of the body, health is to raise yang qi, yang qi enough life long, healthy.

Modern people sit in the office too much, a sit is five or six hours. Going home from work and is tired and paralyzed on the sofa, not moving, blood circulation is also very difficult, the meridians do not work.

If you don’t exercise, it is difficult to digest what you eat, and over time it will turn into dampness.

Therefore, even if you are busy every day, you should take time to do stretching, take a walk, stand on piles, and practice Taiji and Baduanjin, Meditation retreats.

Secondly, do not sleep too long in the morning, is not conducive to the development of Yang Qi, you can get up early to stretch; night can not stay up too late, stay up late will also consume Yang Qi. To learn to follow the four seasons of health.

Normally when there is sunshine can be more sunshine, sunshine back, is also a way to absorb Yang Qi.

People who have a lot of yang energy tend to be more energized, more confident, and have more energy to do things. Get your yang energy together!

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