Chan 禅
The profound cultural connotation expressed in Shaolin Kung Fu is fundamentally endowed by the wisdom of Chan Buddhism (Zen). Shaolin Gongfu is in the first place, the expression of a deeper spiritual goal and secondarily in the pursuit for superhuman strength. The desire for transcendental strength and wisdom are at the core of Shaolin Chan Buddhism.This is the reason behind Shaolin Kungfu appearing as a miraculous martial art and it’s difference to other martial arts.
Wu 武
Wu is a kind of inherited technology in ancient military war. Practising Wushu can strengthen one’s health and defend against the enemy’s attack. It is the guidance and guarantee of human material civilization for martial practitioners to take “stop invasion” as the technical guidance and lead them to enter the traditional way of Enlightenment (Wuhua) to understand the objective laws of man, nature and society.
Wu 悟
Wu is the embodiment of wisdom, Savvy is roughly equivalent to the wisdom of Buddhism. It’s the part revealed in the wisdom of nature. It can touch by analogy, smell one and know one hundred, and quickly understand the truth of an abstract thing. Practicing martial arts also needs to be Savvy.
Quan 拳
Shaolin Quan is the short form for ‘Shaolin Temple Boxing Techniques’. As a means of spiritual discipline, it has been integrated into hundreds of schools, Chan Buddhist influence guiding the wisdom behind it. ‘Shaolin Boxing’ includes not only the ‘Shaolin’ boxing styles such as ‘Tiger Boxing’, ‘Controlling-evil Boxing’ and ‘Liuhe Boxing’ , etc.

Shaolin Temple China

shaolin temple china

Shaolin Temple China attracts foreign friends from all over the world with its deep cultural heritage and unique practice. They come here from far and wide in the hope of drawing wisdom from traditional Chinese culture, learning Shaolin Kung Fu and experiencing the charm of Shaolin meditation. As one of the representatives of Chinese martial arts, Shaolin Kung Fu attracts foreign friends with its unique skills and profound connotation. In Shaolinsi, foreign students can learn Shaolin boxing, weaponry, qigong, etc. Through hard training, they can master the essence of Shaolin Kungfu. Foreign friends who study at Shaolin Temple can often feel the profoundness of Chinese culture. Not only can they learn kung fu and meditation techniques here, they can also make friends from all over the world and discuss culture, religion and life together.

shaolin kung fu

Shaolin Temple is not just a temple of martial arts, it is a place for practitioners to pursue inner peace and wisdom. Shaolin Zen Buddhism focuses on internal observation and meditation to cultivate inner focus and determination. Here, monks connect with the world through meditation and contemplation to find the true meaning of life. They believe that it is only through the practice of meditation that a person can achieve freedom and peace of mind.learn kung fu 

Can anyone go to shaolin temple to train?

Everyone is welcome to join shaolin temple training, Teaching Kung Fu to foreigners students from all over the world. both men and women are equally welcome to come and study there, there are no special requirements to be accepted as a student. the Shaolin Temple does offer training programs for individuals who are interested in learning kung fu.

Training at the Shaolin Monastery itself can be a transformative experience, as you’ll have the opportunity to train alongside dedicated practitioners and learn from experienced masters who have inherited the ancient knowledge and techniques. It’s important to note that the training can be physically demanding and requires dedication and discipline, but the rewards and personal growth that come from studying Kung Fu in its place of origin are truly remarkable.

Shaolin Temple China. As a certified Shaolin Kung Fu training school in China that is fully authorized by the official Shaolin Temple, which is a best kung fu school in China for foreigners to explore martial arts. All traditional Shaolin Kung Fu styles can be learnt as much as you can, including traditional Shaolin Kung fu, shaolin philosophy, Chinese kickboxing, Chi Na, Tai Chi, healing Chi Kung, Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, Wu Qin Xi and Shaolin  Retreats, etc. The Masters of the school are Shaolin warrior monks trained from an early age inside the original Shaolin Temple. They have rich experience teaching Kung Fu to international students. Our full time kung fu training allows you to learn at a fast pace. You really can learn a lot in a short amount of time here!

The process of foreigners studying at the Shaolin Temple in China is not only a skill learning and cultural exchange, but also a spiritual baptism and life experience. Through studying and practicing in Shaolin Monastery, they can better understand Chinese culture, history and thought system, so that they can better understand and respect different cultures. At the same time, they can also apply the knowledge and experience they have learned to their own lives and work, adding more color and value to their lives.

Meditation Practice in Shaolin Temple

In Shaolin Temple, meditation is called “sitting meditation”. Practitioners sit on the floor of the temple, close their eyes and focus on their breathing. They try to eliminate all thoughts and bring their mind into a state of calm and clarity. Shaolin Kung Fu emphasizes “meditation,” which is the use of meditation to achieve peace and clarity of mind. At Shaolin, practitioners use meditation to develop their mental powers to improve their martial arts skills.

Meditation is not only a practice in Shaolin Temple, but also a way of life. Practitioners also meditate in their daily lives to help them maintain inner peace and clarity.which not only improves their martial arts skills, but also helps them better understand the world and life. The combination of Shaolin Kung Fu and meditation is an important unique feature of traditional Chinese culture.

Traditional Shaolin Masters Shifu

shaolin temple shiyongxinshaolin temple yanxiu mastershaolin temple yanhao master

Where can I learn Shaolin kung fu in China?

Learn Kung Fu in China at Shaolin Temple , Shaolin Monks Training Center ,The Shao Lin Si is considered the birthplace of Shaolin Kung Fu and offers training programs for both domestic and international students.

At the Shaolin Temple, you can immerse yourself in the world of martial arts and discover the secrets of ancient Chinese wisdom. The temple offers various programs and classes for visitors interested in learning Kung Fu, meditation, and exploring the Shaolin culture.

By learning kung fu, you will feel your strength, flexibility, and coordination increase rapidly. In addition, you learn to defend yourself, which can be very empowering. It is important that you also train your mind. The masters will help you become more aware of your body and clear your head.

For people who want to learn real kung fu, a strong will and perseverance are the prerequisites for learning. And then one should follow a master or join a training school to learn systematically. The basic skills of legs, waist, shoulders and standing must be practiced daily. With a solid foundation of basic skills, one can choose from the different sects to learn specific routines of boxing, kicking, and weapon skills to improve combat prowess.

How to Learn Kung Fu?

First of all, learning kung fu requires persistent effort and dedication. As the masters say, “An inch of time is worth an inch of gold, and an inch of gold cannot buy you an inch of time.” Time is fair for everyone, but how to utilize it depends entirely on personal choice. To be a good learner, we must have clear goals and make good plans. Through persistent efforts, we can gradually surpass ourselves and reach a higher level.

Secondly, learning kung fu requires constantly going beyond the comfort zone. On the path of learning, we often encounter various difficulties and challenges. However, it is these difficulties that temper our willpower and perseverance. Only by daring to face challenges can we constantly push our limits and further improve ourselves. For example, learning a new language or mastering a new skill requires us to constantly step out of our comfort zone and bravely face new challenges.

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Shaolin Kung Fu is not only a martial art, but also a spirit. It emphasizes the traditional virtues of justice, courage, loyalty and faith, and passes on and promotes the excellent culture of the Chinese nation. Nowadays, Shaolin Kungfu has become an important part of Chinese martial arts, going global and loved by martial arts enthusiasts all over the world.

All in all, Shaolin Kung Fu, as an ancient and outstanding art, continues to merge with modern innovations to bring out a brand new charm. It is not only a martial art skill, but also a way of physical and mental cultivation. Through its superb techniques and internal and external cultivation, Shaolin Kung Fu demonstrates the unique charm of Chinese culture and brings endless surprises and revelations to modern society. Whether from a traditional perspective or modern innovation, Shaolin Kung Fu will continue to show its unrivaled glory in the world.

Zen Shaolin boxing alike due to the known world. “Fist to temple name, temple to boxing display.” After generation of monks long practical experience and historical evolution of the formation of the unique martial arts system, which in plain hardness and softness, moves varied combat style spread so far.

Shaolin Kung Fu, as one of the treasures of Chinese martial arts, has a long history and deep cultural heritage. It is not only a fighting technique, but also a wonderful art of cultivating the body and mind. Shaolin Kung Fu focuses on both internal and external cultivation, incorporating several elements such as meditation, physical training, boxing and weapon techniques.

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