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When talk about Kung fu and chinese martial arts, many words and idears will come out:

  • Does it real magic like Bruce Lee did?
  • What we can benefits from Kung fu?
  • Is Kung Fu really good for your health?
  • ……

Descriptions of Chinese martial arts can be traced to the Xia Dynasty (夏朝) which existed more than 4000 years ago. Their origin is attributed to self-defense needs, hunting activities and military training in ancient China. Hand-to-hand combat and weapons practice were important components in the training of Chinese soldiers. From this beginning, Chinese martial arts proceeded to incorporate different philosophies and ideas into its practice—expanding its purpose from self-defense to health maintenance and finally as method of self-cultivation.Chinese martial arts are now an integral element of Chinese culture.

Martial arts in China has developed over several thousands of years, and were born out of the necessity for people to defend themselves. Archaeological research reveals that the Chinese people from the Stone Age already knew martial arts and had large collections of weapons such as axes, spears and swords made from stone or bones.

These fighting styles are often classified according to common traits, Examples of such traits include Shaolin kung fu(少林拳) physical exercises involving Five Animals (五形) mimicry, or training methods inspired by Old Chinese philosophies, religions and legends. Styles that focus on qi manipulation are called internal (内家拳; neijiaquan), while others that concentrate on improving muscle and cardiovascular fitness are called "external" (外家拳; waijiaquan).

The most out standing and influential types of martial arts list

China has a long history of martial arts traditions that includes hundreds of different styles. Over the past two thousand years, many distinctive styles have been developed, each with its own set of techniques and ideas.

  • Shaolin Kung Fu : a combination of zen buddhism, chinese metaphysics & kung fu.
  • Sanda : free style chinese hand-to-hand self defense & combat sport kung fu.
  • Wing Chun : most popular, strong & direct from of kung fu invented by a woman Yim Wing Chun.
  • Tai Chi Chuan : stimulate the “Qi” circulation in patterns, related to the nervous system & heart.
  • Qi Gong: this discipline can preserve health & can help with illnesses.
  • Meditation: a range of techniques to promote relaxtion, build internal energy(qi).
  • Qin Na : useful in real fighting, it uses fingers, hands, wrists, shoulders and full body to control opponent.
  • Ba Gua Zhang : modular styles(move in circle) combines Qi gong with other martial arts.Xing Yi Quan : invented for the battlefield simple movements creating endless possibilities.
  • Praying Mantis : self defense technique, hands & dropping forefingers strike an attachers vital points.

Martial Arts training camps

Martial Arts Camp is a training camps for people who are learning martial arts. Here, students receive professional instruction and training to improve their martial arts skills.

If you are looking for a martial arts training camps in China, Shaolin Shaolin Temple International School is the best choice. Our academy offers high quality training, with Shaolin Masters who are real Shaolin Monks from the original Shaolin Temple in Henan Province. China is the most popular destination of martial arts enthusiasts.

Whether you are kids ,Youth, Middle-aged person ,Aged ,Man ,woman. Whether you are a beginner or a very experienced martial artist, whether you want to stay for a month or a year - we kindly invite you to learn chinese martial arts from our highly distinguished kung fu Master name. All trainers trained martial arts since childhood. Of course they have a lot of teaching experience and speak Chinese and English language.

Martial arts training camps usually have a team of experienced instructors who will develop a personalized training plan based on the student's situation. In the training camp, students can not only learn the basic skills of martial arts, but also learn some practical self-defense techniques. In addition, the camp will also organize some group activities, such as boxing sparring, equipment drills, etc., so that the students will have more opportunities for practical exercises and enhance their practical ability.

Martial Arts Camp Highlights

  • Daily Shaolin Kung Fu training with the masters
  • Study Tai Chi, Sanda, Qigong, Wing Chun, Bagua, and Baji
  • Free transfers from and to Handan Airport or train station
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner with vegetarian, vegan, and halal options
  • Single rooms with heater, fan, and air conditioning
  • A school certificate upon completion
  • Optimized training in small groups
  • Personal training by authentic kung fu masters optimized for foreigners
  • All levels are welcome

Martial arts camps have many benefits for students

Firstly, through professional instruction and training, students can improve their martial arts level faster. Secondly, martial arts training not only enhances physical fitness, but also develops trainees' perseverance and willpower. Most importantly, learning martial arts can enhance the ability of self-protection, so that trainees can better protect themselves when facing danger.

Learning martial arts full-time will be full time and of a high quality. The full time nature of the course means that you will be learning all day. Compared to taking the odd class once or twice a week at home you will develop your skills at a completely different level! Inequable training methods and kung fu skills. Because the fulltime training allows you to spend time dedicated to each aspect of the physical skills that you require as a martial artist: coordination, speed, agility, strength and stamina.

Overall, martial arts training camp is a very worthwhile training program. Through learning and training in the training camp, students can not only improve their martial arts skills, but also exercise their body and mind to make themselves healthier and more confident. I hope more people can join martial arts training camps and enjoy the fun and benefits of learning martial arts.

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