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If you have any questions or would like to discuss your stay with us, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hear from you.

Songshan Shaolin Temple,Dengfeng city,Henan Province China. 452491

少林寺功夫国际学院 邮编:452491

If you want to contact us with a postcard or your family wants to send you a package, this is the address you can use. It can help to print the address in Chinese characters as well, but it is not necessary. For speedy delivery of packages, it is recommended to write our office number on the package as well.

Mobile number: +86 18431050790
Wechat: +86 18431050790 (Get instant assistance, 24 hours available)

If you choose to contact us by phone, please consider the time zone difference. You can look up the best time to call with this free meeting planner

Registration Fee:
Please make sure you pay the registration fee in time. We regard the action of paying the registration fee as your commitment to attend our academy.

Please note that EVERY STUDENT has to pay the registration fee, it’s none-refundable and excluded from the tuition fee, but it’s valid as long as you need it to be. Once we receive the fee, you will have a reserved place at the academy, you will receive all the documents for obtaining a Chinese visa; you will get all assistance you need for the travel, and you will get a free pickup from Zhengzhou train or bus station.

Note:We will get back to you at the first time we get your message. If you don’t hear from you in the next three days, please email us directly at 。or call our consultant at he mobile 0086-18431050790 and Wechat 18431050790,which is available 24 hours a day.

If it happens that the online submit failed, please send your info to directly.


The 200 USD registration fee is the ONLY FEE you need to pay before arrival. You can choose to pay it via bank transfer or PayPal or Western Union.

For your convenience and securiy,we use paypal for online payments.

Pay With Your Credit Card Via Paypal.

· Paypal Accept Almost Every Crery Card.

· The Payment is Totally Easy and Secure.


·You Have to Pay :
$200 USD. of Application Fee

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