Shaolin Temple China Fees

Every student has to make two payments:

training fees of Shaolin Temple China

First one is the Application fee that everyones needs to paid it before coming to our school;

The second one is the Tuition and Accommodation Fee that every student needs to paid it after arrival.

How much is the training fees of Shaolin Temple China?

  1. Every student has to pay $200 US Dollars of Application Fee. This is the only payment that you need to pay before coming to our school.
  2. Monthly tuition fee $490, which is inclusive of traning, cultural classes such as Buddhism Theory, Kung Fu Theory, Chinse Mandarin class, Calligraphy .
  3. Monthly accommodation fee $490, which is inclusive of shared room, three meals a day everyday, hot showers, Internet using and the use of school facilities.

The system of our fees are very easy and transparent .


shaolin temple China fees

The montly cost is reduced by around $20 every further month at the school. Therefore longer-term students can stay-on at a favorable reduced price.
All of these prices include:

• All training classes, more than 6hrs/day, 5 days/week
• Free use of all training facilities & Free Wifi internet
• Full room and board with 3 meals a day the whole week
• Optional classes (e.g. Mandarin, Massage, Theory, etc.)
• Certificate of achievements and weapon certificate
• Free use of heaters,automatic washing machine, oven,fridge, etc
• Hot shower and western toilets
• Wushu performance & competition (if available)


Yearly Fees structure :
1. Application fee $200, one time life valid payment. paid before coming as way of reserving a place at the school.
2.The all in one cost for one year is $8880 which includes tuition and accomodation.
3. Annual tuition fees decrease:
the second year $8160,
the third year $7890,
the fourth year $7560,
the fifth year $7000.
If paying for a two year stay in one time, the cost is discounted to $16320 ($8160 x 2).

When you arrive at Zhengzhou, we will pick you up for free


The fee standard for courses shorter than a month is different from the above ones.
There is no administration fee or other general costs from the school.
If you decide to leave the school earlier than planed, you can get a refund according to the time you have stayed.

For more information, please email us at, or call our consultant at 0086-18431050790.

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