Here you find of the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed or for any further information please feel free to contact us.

How can I attend the Academy?

Step 1: Inquiry (contact us).
Step 2: Apply online.
Step 3: Pay $200 registration fee.
Step 4: Apply for a Chinese visa & purchase flight tickets.
Step 5: Arrange pickup.
If you have any further questions feel free to send a mail to learnshaolintemple@gmail.com

What is the weather like and what kind of clothes should I bring?

In the summer months, there are many hot days and nights are still warm, so fans are always used to keep cool. During the autumn and spring, the weather cools, especially in the mornings and at night but still become quite warm in the day. In the winter students need to wrap up as it gets much colder. For all seasons, comfortable sports-like and loose clothes are good. Trousers are best to be a bit loose or baggy to perform kicks.

Do I need martial arts experience to attend the Academy?

No, we accept both beginners and experienced martial artists, since our Masters focus on the levels of the individual student.

What about the payment? What kinds of payment can you accept? When do I pay?

After you submitted the application form, the application fee is supposed to be paid to the school's bank account (see Apply for more detail). After you paid, please let us know so that we can keep a record and get everything well arranged for your coming.The monthly school fee can be paid in the seven days after you come to the school after deciding the length of your stay. The school can accept payment in Chinese Yuan or US Dollars. If you don't want to take a lot of cash with you, you can take traveler's checks and get it changed at a local bank with your passport for identification. Alternatively, students can use a bank card to get money from an ATM at the local Bank of China.

How long does it takes from Beijing to Zhengzhou city by train and air?

There are many trains from Beijing to Zhengzhou . You’d better take a fast train. In this way, time will be saved and you will not feel boring. The timetable for them can be seen on the Travel Information page. The school can pick up students when you arriving at Zhengzhou.

What's the accommodation like?

Students in the school are accommodated in either a private room or two-person shared one room that depends on their length of staying. Extra blankets are given to students in the winter, fans in the summer. There is also electricity in rooms and a computer with internet in the office that can be used by students. General living conditions in China will, to some extent, be a reflection that a country is still developing, so students should be aware of this difference if coming from a western country. However, the school aims to provide the students with a good standard of accommodation to live in. The school will try to accommodate students as much as possible. Care is also given when preparing the food for students ,we will try our best to make our students enjoy the meals and give them the energy they need to train.

Are there western toilets?

Yes, the school has a western toilet and shower room.

How much money do I need to bring?

Once arrived, the school only charges monthly which is listed on the School Fees page. Accommodation is full-board and inclusive, so it is possible to keep a small budget while living in the school.

Can I contact former students of the school?

Yes, a good way to ask questions to past students is to post on the school's facebook group. Many past students of the school as well as former students of the masters are members. Staff of the school is also contactable through facebook.

Is there anything else you can tell me about the school?

The school hopes to give a warm atmosphere to all students, they will live peacefully and harmoniously together. In the Shaolin tradition, fellow students are brothers and sisters, they help each other. In this spirit, students are happy, considerable and caring for each other inside and outside of training.

When do the courses / training start?

You are free to join us anytime. There are no fixed starting dates. You can either arrive during the week or at weekends.

What is the safest way to carry and exchange money?

There are many ATMs in town that accept debit and credit cards, so you can just bring your home bank card with you when coming to China. Despite that, traveller checks can be used, are not recommended though, since the Bank of China located in Xinyi only exchanges currency, not traveller's checks. Long-term students can open local bank accounts and then have their money transferred from home. Travelling with large sums of money is not encouraged.

I am vegetarian, is that a problem?

All meals have vegetarian options. Generally there are about 4-7 plates of different foods to choose from during meals, with only 2 or 4 of them containing meat. Any special dietary concerns should be communicated to the Academy before arrival to better accommodate students.

Can I have internet set up in my room?

Yes, students who plan on bringing their laptops can have internet set up in their rooms

Will I get a certificate after I complete my studies?

Yes, every student receives a certificate with the Academy’s official stamp before leaving. Everything mastered will be stated on it as well as the comments your master gives to you.

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