Collapsible bo staff

What is Collapsible bo staff ?

A collapsible Bo staff is one of the most marvelous martial arts equipment and is quite popular among the entire martial arts community nowadays. Collapsible staff are usually made to facilitate the storage of weapons, so they are usually only used as weapons in the unfolded state, which is the biggest point of difference between them and deformable weapons. Because the main design purpose of collapsible weapons is to save space required for storage, so many of these weapons are used as long weapons in the unfolded state. Thus, the release of the use of long instruments like general, can be used for long-range strikes. Folded is a short stick, about the same length as the arm, very convenient to carry, often used for self-defense and self-defense.

Collapsible Staff Highlights:

Including the hollow rod body, the rod body includes a rod from the bottom to the top in order to articulate a rod, two rods and three rods, and telescoping connected to the three rod cavity clamping device, a rod and two rods with a first hinge between the outer wall, two rods and three rods with a second hinge between the outer wall. The beneficial effect of the utility model is: simple structure, strong and durable, folding bar contraction and extension is convenient, widely applicable.

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