Buddha beads bracelet

What is a Buddha bead?

Buddha beads were first introduced in Buddhism and have been handed down for nearly a thousand years. Buddha beads are strung with a certain number of beads, which are used to keep track of the number of beads when chanting the Buddha’s name or holding a mantra, and to remind the dharma of the majesty of the Buddha, and a good Buddha bead can make the heart rejoice and gain the blessing of the Bodhisattva. The beads are basically round, from the Buddhist point of view, they are relatively Dharma-like, metaphorically speaking, complete, all-around, and without any shortage. Buddha bead bracelet is a bracelet made by stringing round Buddha beads made of natural materials, which is enlightened by senior monks and has the effect of calming the mind and calming the spirit, and bringing prosperity and blessing.

Buddha bead shape meaning

Buddha beads are usually round and spherical, indicating perfection, which means perfection without defects. We often complain about the many shortcomings of life and the many defects of human beings, but we always fail to discover an important point, the one that Buddhism has spoken a thousand words and painstakingly to illustrate: everyone has perfect and unobstructed wisdom and merit, but only because of their own unnecessary worries, these inherent perfect wisdoms are covered and cannot be manifested. As long as one can dissolve these needless worries, one can be like the Buddha, with three bodies, four wisdoms, five eyes, and six faculties, and use them at will. It is more decorative and artistic, and at the same time reveals the dignity of the status of the wearer. It can be said that the string not only follows the traditional Buddhist culture, but is also rich in auspicious symbolism.

The meaning of Buddha bead bracelet structure

Each string of Buddha beads bracelet consists of one main bead, a number of other beads and a stringing rope. The main bead represents the Buddha, the threading rope represents the Dharma, and a number of other beads represent the Sangha, and the three treasures of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha can all be contained in one string of Buddha beads. Therefore, one should be respectful to the Buddha beads, as to the holy face, and gather the body and mind. As the saying goes: guard your mouth and take care of your body so as not to offend, and not to annoy all the sentient beings.

Buddha bead bracelet it usually consists of 108 rosary beads, separated by other color or size beads in the 7th, 21st, 54th, 87th and 101th, called: spacer beads or number take. Generally speaking, the spacer beads should be slightly larger than the sub beads, and the number can be used from 1 to 3, and not counted within 108.

Cultural connotation of Buddha beads

Buddha beads are one of the important Dharma objects that have been formed and widely revered over the past two thousand years since the emergence of Buddhism. Buddhism calls Buddha beads as treasures, and believes that holding several Buddha beads to chant sutras and recite Buddha’s name, and to do various kinds of mantra, can clear the spiritual platform and carefully bind the mind, which can obtain all kinds of perfect merits and the fruit of bodhi wisdom. In the daily life of the public, Buddha beads are given the virtue of eliminating disasters and ensuring peace, and they hold countless good wishes of people.

As more and more people like and wear Buddha beads, especially the star effect of major celebrities wearing Buddha beads, it makes Buddha beads fashionable and ornamental, and gives Buddha beads new fashion cultural connotation and meaning. Because of the special religious culture and fashion culture in one, Buddha beads are more and more respected and become the symbol of literati, scholars, celebrities and successful people to show their taste.

Wearing Buddha beads can make us improve our taste, which is also the unique humanistic connotation of Buddha beads. Buddha beads are a symptom, or a reminder, to remind us that when we are troubled, when we are depressed, when everything is out of balance psychologically, we can adjust our mindset and deal with people in a more rounded way and in a more holistic way. Wearing Buddha beads, as well as other Buddhist accessories, means reminding yourself to deal with all situations openly, to adjust your mind well, and to be rounded when things go wrong. To reduce the control of the Buddha’s healthy mind on oneself, that is, to reduce or even eliminate the worry cover up, so that the original infinite treasure gradually reveals itself. If this is the religious connotation of Buddha beads, the double cultural connotation of Buddha beads makes Buddha beads different from any of its ornaments, and this is exactly where the powerful vitality of Buddha beads lies.

Which wrist do Buddhist beads go on?

Buddha bead bracelet is usually worn on the left hand, because the left hand is less used compared to the right hand, and Taoism also considers the left hand to be the good hand. Buddha bead bracelet worn on the hand is to remind people to be compassionate at all times, to practice at all times, and to remove evil from goodness.

In today’s society, Buddha bead string has become an ornament for men and women, which can be matched with clothing and also has the function of playing, and is one of the most sought-after artifacts in modern crafts. It is one of the most sought-after artifacts in modern crafts. It is more decorative and artistic, and also shows the dignity of the status of the wearer. It can be said that the string not only inherits the traditional Buddhist culture, but also is rich in auspicious symbolism, making it an anchor for feelings and hearts.

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