Martial Arts for Girls

When it comes to letting children learn martial arts, many people will unconsciously export the outdated view that “girls should not learn martial arts.” In most people’s traditional concepts, martial arts sports are only for boys. They are full of strength, conquest, and striking, and are full of masculine atmosphere. In fact, martial arts is not simply a sport that pursues strength, nor is it a sport that is aggressive and aggressive. We should no longer impose such unnecessary restrictions on children’s choice of sports. What we should consider is whether children can exercise themselves and continue to grow when they are involved in sports.

martial arts for girls

Martal Arts, a sport that develops both momentum and self-defense and cultivates emotions, is still highly recommended for girls to try and learn.

Martial arts for girls training can be rewarding in several important ways:

  • Promote physical growth and development

When the child is in the golden period of growing body, scientific and systematic exercise, most can effectively promote the growth and development of the body. During this period, the reasonable development of martial arts exercises can promote the secretion of growth hormone, as well as strengthen the blood supply of bone cells, accelerate the growth of bone cells, thereby promoting the development of children’s bones. This process scientifically demonstrates how Wushu exercises promote children’s growth.

  • Enhance the flexibility of body and brain thinking

Martial arts, in fact, is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic sports. Performing martial arts workouts better promotes the body’s internal circulation, allowing all parts of the body to work together effectively in the process of breathing, paddling and kicking, thus achieving flexibility.

Children’s lung capacity in such a virtuous cycle, can also be exercised, we must know that lung capacity is an important project to assess whether a child’s physical fitness standard, is to reflect the level of human growth and development of one of the important functional indicators, in the sports assessment will also be involved in higher education, so the child’s “lung capacity” how, parents should pay attention to. At the same time, when a person’s body in a flexible state, his brain thinking will be more flexible, which is a virtuous cycle. It is a virtuous cycle. Therefore, if a girl undergoes this kind of exercise, it will be very helpful for her to improve her physical condition, including shortness of breath.

  • Eliminate the formation of bad body posture

Girls are always more interested in beauty and always want to look good, so it is important to pay attention to the issue of “good posture”. If you are used to lying on your back and not paying attention to your sitting and standing posture, you may develop a bad posture. The learning process of martial arts often emphasizes the cultivation of qi, and how the qi comes is inseparable from the requirements of the external form that reflects our vitality. Therefore, through the study of martial arts, we will be better able to exercise how to maintain and present a proper and decent posture, thus making the overall image look better.

  • Overcoming negativity and timidity and boosting self-confidence

With the development of the essence mentioned above, it also sets a positive mindset for your child. In the process of one move, hey-ha vocalization and two-way duel, it can improve the timid psychology of children in a good and gradual way, and gradually learn how to express themselves in the daily training and demonstration. The more opportunities for self-expression, the easier it is for the children to find self-confidence from it with a bottom line, which is very valuable.

  • Improve self-protection ability and receive positive energy

Wushu is a sport with good attributes for self-defense. In today’s environment where the safety awareness of young children is so important, it is necessary for children to learn martial arts so that they can improve their self-protection ability. At the same time, while acquiring the ability to protect themselves, they are also exercising their ability to recognize right from wrong, so that they can gradually learn what is wrong and what to do about it. The formation of this safety awareness also guides the child to be a righteous person and to do the right thing, which is precisely the spirit of excellence that martial arts, as the “outstanding traditional Chinese culture,” seeks to inculcate in all of us.

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