shaolin whip

shaolin Shepherd’s whip: one of the martial arts instruments. According to legend, the shepherd’s whip was born from the ancient Western shepherd’s whip, so some people call it “Western whip”.

shaolin whip is a Han Dynasty shepherd Tie Gai created, Gai shepherding sheep, a wolf attacked the flock, Gai with shepherd whip to beat the hungry wolf. By later people continue to exercise the development of the creation of this arm, so also known as “guard whip”. It is handed down to the folk around Hebei. It can be used both soft and hard. A wooden rod (white wax rod is appropriate) at one end of an iron hanging, on the set of 3-4 rings. A ring tied to a cowhide twisted twist-shaped rope, the rope head tied an iron cone and become. The length of the stick to stick straight end touches the ground, the other end and the chest sockets Qi is appropriate; rope and stick with the same length. The main striking methods are: whirling, winding, winding, back, abduction, cover, hitting, sweeping, stomping, rolling and so on. When practicing, sometimes reverse the whip, sometimes close the whip with a stick, whip, stick and both, with the whip as the main.

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