Nine section chain whip

What is a nine section chain whip?

nine section chain whip

The nine-section chain whip is one of the soft instruments of martial arts, used as a concealed weapon in ancient times, which can be wrapped around the waist or folded and hidden, and is easy to carry and use. The nine-section whip consists of a whip handle, a whip head and eight steel sections in the middle, each section is connected by three rings, so it is called “nine-section whip”. The length of the whip generally to the body upright, the “handle” top touching the chin, “dart head” touching the ground as appropriate.

Nine Section Chain Whip Basic Concept:

nine section chain whip is composed of whip handle, whip head and the middle eight sections, each section is connected with three rings, the middle ring side with a ring called ring, five rings formed a plum blossom shape. The head of the whip is tied with a red colored silk, and the whip is tied with a green colored silk behind the handle, in order to dance to increase the watchability, while having the function of adjusting the dance route.

Chain whip Details

Chain whip is a soft with hard weapon, in the martial arts proverb has “tricky to hit the meteor, smooth to hit the whip” said, smooth to hit the whip is required in the exercise of the nine knot whip action must be in line with the momentum out. Exercise with the arm is required to nine whip action must be in line with the momentum out. Requires the whip in motion to stand round, oblique standing round, up oblique standing round. For the movement of the method to increase the inertia of the movement of the whip head so as to increase the strength of the whip blow. Nine-section whip techniques are mainly based on swinging, sweeping, wrapping, winding, hanging, throwing, dancing flowers, etc. When practicing, the shaking of the arm is used as the starting point of speed and force, the head, hands, feet, legs, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, back, hips and other prominent parts of the body and moving joints are used as fulcrums to accelerate and increase the strength of the whip blow by using the body and footwork of the flip, jumping and dialing techniques. force, and also change the direction of movement. In the exercise requires the unity of the human whip, each whip flower is required to walk close to the body in a circular motion around the body, the footwork requires a steady, flexible, in the flip to be stable, accurate, fast. Nine-section whip technique requires “vertical hit a line, horizontal sweep a large, vertical wheel turn flat sweep, back to wrap trip around” and in the set exercise requires “a step, a movement, a movement, a flower, a flower three changes, infinite changes. Therefore, in the overall exercise of the set only see the whip flowers staggered, unpredictable, only see nine whips sometimes wrapped around the head, shoulders, neck, elbows, knees, sometimes sweeping forward roll, sometimes thrown into the air, and sometimes like a stick dance, really moving different people, a thousand different postures. Just see the whip speed sometimes fast and sometimes slow, winding the right way, really clever winding fast release, around the body to turn out, whip with the sound, and send people a dazzling, endless changes in the feeling of the momentum.

Chain Whip Feature description:

Nine whips with up and down, flexible and changeable, can be put away, the whip method to circular movement, its unique technical style is based on winding. These winding movements are collectively referred to as the whip flower, the use of whip flower and then with the basic techniques such as whirling, hitting, sweeping, hanging, teasing, etc., thus forming a “flower even flower, flower set flower, flower flower connected; flower connected flower, flower string flower, changeable ‘technical characteristics. People often describe the movement style of the nine-section whip as “swinging like a wheel, dancing like a steel rod” and “retracting a mass, releasing a piece, retracting like a worm, releasing a strike like a dragon”.

According to the nine-section whip and its movement law, its movement form can be divided into:

1 vertical circle class: the whip is running like a rolling wheel to go vertical circle, the whip head running track and the ground perpendicular, rotating speed, giving a strong sense of three-dimensional, with a preemptive momentum.

2 flat circle class: the whip head running track and the ground parallel. In the entire nine-section whip set technology to play the role of the upper string, the attack is strong, unstoppable.

3 oblique circle class: between the vertical circle class whip and flat circle class whip between a whip, the whip head running with the upright body is oblique shape.

The chain whip is heavy but flexible, allowing it to be literally used as a whip to hit, hook and bind an opponent, restrict their movement, and to deflect blows from other weapons. The dart is used for slashing or piercing an opponent. In some cases, the dart might be coated with a poison. Because the whip is flexible, it can be used to strike around obstacles, including an opponent’s block. The whip chain can be folded and hidden from view, making it an easy weapon to carry and conceal.

Chain whip forms are often extremely elaborate. In some, the chain whip is thrown in the air and caught, flicked around the neck, or flung around underneath a recumbent performer. One classic technique, used to accelerate a spinning chain whip, involves rapidly wrapping and unwrapping the length of the chain around various parts of the body, including the legs, neck and elbows. Various twisting or flicking motions cause the chain whip to gain momentum as it unwraps. In practice, wrapping then unwrapping is used to change the direction of the spin in response to the opponent’s movement.

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