Monkey Staff

What is a monkey staff?

Monkey Staff

The Monkey staff is a legendary weapon in Chinese martial arts culture, also known as the Golden Hoop, Sticksimply Ruyi Bang or Jingu Bang. Its movements mainly imitate the life habits of monkeys, and are combined with the techniques of martial arts stick fighting moves, forming a set of unique style of martial arts masterpieces.

Monkey Fist mainly absorbs the sensitive and witty characteristics of apes and monkeys, and combines the kicking, hitting, falling, taking, jumping, tumbling and other offensive and defensive techniques in martial arts. In the exercise and technique, it highlights the palm, claw, grasp and take of boxing, and the jump, dodge and move in body and footwork to show the lightness and dexterity of the ape’s arm, the robustness of the ape’s foot and jump, and the softness and liveliness of the ape’s body and the unity of the eye and mind. Its movement is like the wind, its stillness is like squatting, ape vertical brisk fly, light body like swallow.

Monkey king staff training characteristic:

  • First, the eye method is special. “Live monkey” practice boxing look around, only turn the head, not turn the eyes. He said that monkeys have round eyes and when they blink, their eyelids move and their eyebrows do not move. Monkeys look around and never look askance, they use their eyes to see, so they have to turn their heads. But the head moves with the body, where the eyes see, the whole body will turn to where. Therefore, it seems that the head moves, but the body moves, a movement of the whole movement, the force is complete. Blink eyelids do not move eyebrows, because the eyebrows move eyes are closed. Monkeys do not close their eyes. When boxing eyebrows are flying is a big taboo in boxing, eyes closed more does not meet the requirements of the actual battle.
  • Second, the technique is different. According to the monkey like to grasp the fight, good hook hanging, agile, changeable characteristics, figured out a unique set of monkey boxing techniques. He will grasp, hook, palm, fist interchangeable use, combination of strikes, in a row in the variant, in the combination of the machine change, elastic force, can not wait, so that the opponent was caught off guard.
  • Third, the footwork is unique. The “live monkey” walks in a crooked manner, with the front palm on the ground and a small, light step, which is very different from the long fist type of footwork. He said that to play monkey boxing, you have to imitate the walk of a monkey, otherwise, it is not monkey boxing. Crooked walk, seemingly crooked, but in fact, the two legs take turns to force, a real and a virtual, left crooked then left real, the body center line to the left, the right leg all virtual; right down then right real, the body center line to the right, the left leg all virtual. Therefore, it seems to be crooked, but in fact, there is a right in the crooked, fallen but not fallen. And this kind of big real and big virtual footwork, and for its front palm on the ground step, light and fast jump, laid a solid foundation. However, the boxing, always bending the knees and squatting, straight waist and converge hips, the legs flex and stretch freely, kicking, pointing, stomping, popping, hidden in it; flexible small jumping step, so that its fast and varied diao, take, lock, buckle, grasp, hook techniques, said to be to, as much as possible to show the style.

Monkey Staff Stick method :

sunwukong staff

1, paddle stick: the tip of the stick diagonally upward swinging around for paddle, paddle stick when the force is light and smooth, the amplitude should not be too large.
2, sweeping stick: stick tip in the waist below the horizontal swing; or try to stick tip to the ground, stick body tilt swing for sweep. Sweeping the stick requires swift and powerful, force to the tip of the stick.
3, whirling stick: one hand or both hands will be the tip of the stick to the left or right flat swing. Flat whirl shall not exceed one week, plus turn shall not exceed two weeks. Whirling stick requires swift and powerful, force up to the tip of the stick.
4、Poke stick: stick tip or stick handle straight forward, to the side or backward poke. Poke the stick requires a short force, the force reaches the tip end or the end.
5, split stick: stick from the top down for the split. Splitting stick requires swift and powerful, force up to the tip of the stick.
6、Standing circle dance flower: both hands hold the middle section of the stick body, so that the stick on both sides of the body from the top forward, down around the standing circle rotation. Requires continuous and fast, very close to the body when walking the vertical circle.
7、Take up the dance flower: hold the stick body with both hands at 1/3 from the end of the handle, make the stick along the left and right sides of the body from the bottom to the front, up to draw the vertical circle continuously forward. It is required to be fast and consistent, and the vertical circle should be close to the body but should not touch the body. They are mainly used in Monkey Style forms and climbing up this pole, standing on the side and jumping off is so much fun as well as technically difficult.

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