Kung Fu Fan

What is a Kung Fu Fan?

kung fu fan

Kung Fu Fan : One of the martial arts weapons, one foot two inches long, the fan bone is made of steel or iron, the fan surface is made of silk or silk or short yarn. This fan closed like an iron rod, can hit can hit, unfolded like a knife, can cut, can chop, can also cover the next block to prevent concealed weapons. It is characterized by a multi-purpose, can fan the wind to dispel the heat, but also to defend against the enemy. Technique and can be rigid and flexible, both offensive and defensive, changeable. At first, it can be practiced to strengthen the body and cultivate the body, and when it is skilled, it can achieve the skill of flexibility and versatility, and when it is refined, it can master the practical mysteries. The basic movements are swinging, turning, holding, clamping, closing, covering, pouncing, shaking, throwing, etc.

Tai Chi Fan

The Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan was created by the Beijing Senior Sports Association to support Beijing’s bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games and to vigorously carry out physical exercise for the elderly. Once the routine was launched, it immediately drew a strong response from the general public and has now become the most popular Tai Chi fitness program!

Tai Chi fan is one of the instruments in Taijiquan, and the main purpose of the creation of Taiji fan is to exercise the body. Taichi fan is a unique style of martial arts fitness program, which combines the movements of Taijiquan with other martial arts and dance, and the combination of Taiji and fan waving movements, which are both flexible and rigid, can be attacked and defended, full of elegant and elegant beauty and martial arts masculinity, is a fitness exercise with both ornamental and artistic.

Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan combines the waving of the fan with the movement skills of Tai Chi, and makes the martial arts movements cleverly combined with Chinese Kung Fu and song melodies, combining different schools of Tai Chi Chuan and Tai Chi Sword movements, as well as fast and powerful long fist, Nanquan and Beijing Opera dance movements, etc. The content is rich and novel, carrying songs and “martial arts”, and it is easy to learn and practice, so it is determined to be the first choice for middle-aged and old friends to cultivate their sentiments and strengthen their bodies!

Taiji kung fu fan absorbs the essence of traditional Chinese martial arts and combines the movements of taijiquan and different styles of martial arts into a single furnace, combining the fan waving and taiji movement skills flexibly.

Yang style tai Chi fan

Yang-style taiji fan is a kind of taiji fitness equipment popular among the public, especially women. It integrates the basic skills of Taijiquan, fan method, martial arts techniques and stage modeling, and is not only beautiful and smooth, elegant and generous, but also has a strong modern atmosphere. Regular practice can receive the effect of dispelling disease and fitness, prolonging life and cultivating sentiment. Yang-style taiji fan is compact, clear, elegant, spacious, with moderate speed, and the strength of the movement is consistent with the strength of the force. The practice method emphasizes that each movement is consistent with the starting and closing of the force, and strictly follows the requirements of the Taiji principle, which is suitable for the public to learn and practice and the need of health and fitness, and meets the standardized requirements of competition.

Chen style tai chi kung fu fan

Chen-style taiji fan is a set of martial arts fitness program with unique style created on the basis of Chen-style taijiquan. It highlights the traditional characteristics of Chen-style taijiquan, with rich content and reasonable structure, and concentrates the typical movements of Eastern-style taijiquan by interspersing stirrups, swinging lotus, flipping waist and jumping. The routine is winding and folding, loose and active, shaking, fan-like and beautiful, very fitness, ornamental and artistic.

Huawu Taiji Fan

Huawu Taiji Fan, also known as Forty-two Styles Huawu Taiji Fan, absorbs the characteristics of Yang, Chen, Wu and Sun, and at the same time integrates some of the movements of Bagua Palm, which are elegant and generous, delicate and soft, sound and form, and both form and spirit. Huawu Taiji Fan is created by national martial arts instructor Zeng Nai Liang and a senior lecturer of aun arts, Wei Xiang Lian, and concentrates the wisdom of the backbone of Huawu Gongfu Guidance Center, and is created on the basis of Taijiquan by integrating the characteristics of fan arts.

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