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What is kung fu shoes?

kung fu shoes are designed and made according to the requirements of modern martial arts competition and the characteristics of martial arts sports. First of all, to ensure the solidity, the movement under the feet of martial arts sports is very much and the strength requirement is high, so the design and manufacturing of martial arts shoes must ensure the overall solidity. Secondly, they are light in weight. In order to strengthen the fastness, the weight is often increased, and martial arts shoes need to minimize the weight to facilitate the athletes to give full play in high-speed and intense sports.

People often say: “water has a source, the tree has roots, the old tree roots first exhausted. Raise trees to protect the roots, raise people first to protect the feet.” The foot is the most important part of the twelve meridians that contact the internal organs, communicate with the internal and external, throughout the upper and lower, is the most important point of the whole body, the foot is related to the overall health. Shoes are a direct factor affecting the feet.

For people who like to practice martial arts or sports, it doesn’t matter what clothes and pants you wear, but not shoes. Without a pair of suitable shoes, it will be miserable, grinding up blisters is just a small thing, if the ligaments wear out, you will never be able to do martial arts training and sports again.

You must wear good shoes to protect your feet, and people who practice martial arts should wear shoes specifically designed for martial arts. Those shoes are wrapped with imported rubber toe to protect the impact of the force on the feet at any time, and the heel of the shoe is made of multi-layer thickened wear-resistant material, which is close to the foot and does not rub the foot. The insole of the heel has elasticity to protect the knee and ankle, and there is room for cushioning when walking.

The choice of shoes for martial arts practice should also be based on the different seasons to choose different shoes. Like summer, breathable mesh shoes, canvas shoes are a good choice, thin material, good breathability, suitable for the hot weather in summer. In winter, when the weather is cooler, it is better to choose soft cowhide taiji shoes, and you can also choose shoes with velvet inside, which is good for warmth.

The sole of martial arts shoes must be soft, soft taiji shoes preferably with cowhide soles, so that the shoes are more elastic and wear-resistant, and many leg swinging movements can keep the elasticity of the sole when the palm of the foot is twisted on the ground. The upper should not be too hard, if it is hard, you will feel the ankle activity is not flexible enough after wearing it for a long time, and it will wear your feet, which will affect the practice.

Here are several kinds of kung fu shoes:

Tai Chi Shoes

Tai chi shoes

Tai Chi shoes are the shoes worn when practicing Taiji. Because the general sports shoes are not suitable for wearing when playing Taijiquan. Taijiquan has its own characteristics: neutral and comfortable, light and round, loose and soft, slow and even, open and close in an orderly manner, rigid and soft, moving like “flowing clouds, continuous” This movement is natural and elegant, you can personally experience the rhythm of music, philosophical connotation, the shape of beauty, the mood of poetry. In the advanced enjoyment, it improves physical health, mental pleasure, and physical and mental health. Tai Chi is accompanied by a long history leaving valuable treasures to future generations. While inheriting Tai Chi, Tai Chi shoes and Tai Chi clothing, etc. are also an important part of Tai Chi.

Why choose Tai chi shoes ? Tai Chi shoes features:

  • Upper: wearable and comfortable canvas material, anti-odor and breathable.
  • Wearing strap connection: porous wearing strap, suitable for different circumference of feet.
  • Inside the shoe: soft cotton heel ring inside the back side of the shoe mouth, more effective protection of the ankle area from wear and tear.
  • Heel: built-in semi-circular cloth patch and external semi-circular soft rubber, double protection of the heel; heel shoe shape is firm and beautiful, more comfortable to wear, and effectively increase the degree of wear resistance.
  • heel periphery: soft western leather package, brand LOGO simple atmosphere.
  • Both sides of the arch: red and white leather taiji pattern, simple and beautiful, showing the taiji temperament.
  • Connection: the upper and sole are connected with high-strength rubber straps around the sticky, sturdy and beautiful.
  • Sole: Micro wave shape of cowhide sole, non-slip and wearable. The sole is slightly “S”-shaped, which is convenient for the arch of the foot to be stressed and forceful.
  • Shoe shape: corrected and shaped by computer for many times, commonly known as “makeup feet”, showing the oriental streamline beauty

DaFu Fei Yue Kung Fu Shoes

DaFu feiyue KungfuShoes

DaFu Fei yue shoes was born in the 1930s and became famous for its comfort, especially for the need to practice martial arts. Feiyue originated from Shanghai in 1920. Feiyue literally means “Flying Forward” and symbolizes the dual elevation of both body and mind. This lightweight canvas plimsoll first hit the streets of Shanghai in the 1920’s famous for its robustness, flexibility and comfort. Bringing together all walks of life, from workers, Shaolin Monks to politicians, Feiyue shoes crossed borders and generations to land in France in 2006. Without losing any of its authentic vintage charm, this lightweight canvas shoe then underwent a series of transformations. Its DNA gradually evolved, combining French and international influences.

Kung fu training not only requires you to have the right apparel but also requires you to get the right shoes.However ,
Exercises such as various kinds of running, jumping, push-ups, etc. Then the “child skills” such as flexibility and balance are practiced. Flexibility training is done via stretching exercises, and balance training is done via keeping the body balanced in different childish skills postures for a while.

DaFuFei yue Shaolin Kung Fu Shoes features:

This shoe tops our list, DaFu Feiyue started out providing the go-to footwear for Shaolin monks; the shoes were lightweight . fashion, and comfort to kung fu. With its kick-back style, lightweight construction, and versatile design, the shoe offers everything you may need to perfect your kung fu. It also has a breathable canvas upper that allows free air circulation which offers additional health benefits. It is very lightweight, wear-resistant and comfortable to wear. These shoes provide maximum traction for ultimate performance. Its design is suitable for kung fu training people.

In order to ensure the overall lightness of the shoe so the sole must be thin, then the material requirements for the sole are very high. Due to the special nature of martial arts high-speed movement of attack and defense, to ensure the anti-slip braking function of the sole, modern martial arts soles in addition to the material of rubber on the outsole pattern is also designed according to the characteristics of martial arts sports. The insole should be made of high strength EVA to match the outsole to strengthen the shock absorption function.

DaFu Feiyue got their start making shoes for martial artists. found popularity amongst China’s Shaolin Monks and Kung Fu Masters. With its extreme flexibility, traction and comfort, this DaFu Feiyue Kung Fu Shoes product became the popular shoe to wear in the Martial Arts community.

Old Beijing Traditional Shoes Bruce Lee Wing Chun Martial Arts Shoes

Because cloth shoes are mainly made of fabric, they are breathable, casual, comfortable, green, sweat-free, deodorant, health care, moisture-absorbent, lightweight and other characteristics, bringing everyone the enjoyment of leisure and comfort, and are loved by the general public, becoming an indispensable part of people’s clothing. In the early days, the old Beijing cloth shoes were mainly embroidered, but later they gradually developed into cloth shoes that use a variety of techniques to complement each other.

Bruce Lee Wing Chun Martial Arts Shoes features:

Vamp: The quality of the vamp fabric has a lot to do with the quality of the whole shoe. There are no defects in the weaving on the quality shoe fabric, and the surface is flat and smooth. The shoes will be placed in parallel on a well-lit counter for observation with stripes, lattice uppers can shield the stripes end, lattice horizontal and straight right neatly, dyeing consistent. Corduroy, velvet and other high-quality uppers pile inverted smooth consistent, sparse and uniform. In addition, the upper and lining are clean and free of dirt, and the brace is even and flat.

The narrow and wide mouth of the upper of high quality shoes is consistent, and the joint is placed at the back of the shoe in an inconspicuous place, and the mouth is not angled or hollow, not wrinkled, and the front and back of the fork are consistent. The stitching of the upper is even and neat, not skewed, without jumping stitches, leaking stitches and bottom line turning out. For the two jointed shoes, the joint of the upper, the elastic mouth, the shoe elastic cloth stitching, is a double line back and forth needle stitching, the heel of the shoe to do knotted stitching, heel stitching line is straight.

Sole test; there are many kinds of cloth shoes soles, with different thicknesses. Generally speaking, the cloth sole of high quality shoes is stiff and sturdy, and the stitch code of the sole is even and neat; the plastic sole is clean and free of blemishes, especially the forefoot flex part is free of bubbles, hollows and other defects. The stitches of the thread are even, the braking line is tight, and the bottom groove is intact. If you hold the shoes with both hands and bend them repeatedly, you can find that the soles are flexible and moderate, without cracks.

Shoe body and assembly: cloth shoes are handmade, allowing a certain error, generally speaking, the length error of the face of high-quality cloth shoes is not more than 3 mm, the difference between the height and the height is not more than 2 mm, and the heel is not more than 3 mm crooked. Ear-type shoes crab pincers (ear fan), crab shell size consistent. The length of the tongue of the shoe is consistent with the mouth of the gang. Shoes with tabs whose forks with tabs are consistent in length, front and back. The heel is neatly arranged, beautiful and evenly spaced. The sole of the shoe is neat and the parts of the shoe are suitable for eating the help.

Because it is a culture, a culture that has a history of thousands of years in China, and has an irreplaceable role in Chinese history along with Confucianism and Buddhist doctrine. And our responsibility is to carry forward this culture and promote it to the world.

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