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When your joints are painful or your muscles ache, topical painkillers — those you apply to your skin — may offer relief.

Joint pain is any discomfort, build-up of material or inflammation in any part of the joint, including cartilage, tendons and bones can be the site of inflammation. It is one of the common nuisances that affects people, especially the elderly. It may occur as a result of natural wear and tear caused by aging or certain inflammatory diseases.

Usually, it occurs after activities that require physical work. Sometimes it can be recurrent and can put a damper on people’s daily lives. Fortunately, there are many and therapies that can help reduce these symptoms and ensure that they do not interfere with your quality of life. Among these, you will find many anti-inflammatory creams for joint pain that can stimulate your blood circulation and provide analgesia.

What is an Analgesic cream ?

Analgesic cream (ointment) is a kind of medicine. It is mainly used for external plasters such as traumatic injury, muscle paralysis, lack of Qi and blood, blood stasis, wind cold and dampness resistance, lumbar sprain, joint pain, lumbar muscle strain, exercise overwork, traumatic injury, hyperosteogeny, sciatica, muscle pain, shoulder pain and sprain. It can play a certain auxiliary role in the treatment

Shaolin Analgesic cream

Shaolin Analgesic cream is by the practice of more than 500 years of Shaolin herbalists according to the handed down Chinese medicine prescription constantly refined and improved new ointment, Shaolin Analgesic ointment as intangible cultural heritage is different from the market rubber Babu ointment, from the ancient Chinese Taoist alchemy down the by-products, because the ancient Taoist priests hanging single cloud travel around the occasion, the need to climb mountains and water, the wind and food, after years of suffering from back and leg bone disease In the alchemy of the same time gave birth to the traditional black ointment, Shaolin pain relief ointment retains the original Taoist medicine “ointment meat” system, decoction ointment must be dripping water into pearls, to be ointment does not stick to the hands into the cold pool of well water soaked for seven days and nights, and then placed in the cellar for three days, and then spread with oil paper paste, for cervical and lumbar spondylosis, frozen shoulder, rheumatoid arthritis, lumbar muscle strain, bruises and bruises. Lumbar muscle strain, bruises and sprains, warming the uterus and kidneys have a miraculous effect, strong penetration, quickly dispel pain, long-lasting medicinal power, spread in the world after the highly sought after, once as a tribute to the Royal Hospital.

Improved Shaolin pain relief ointment is more than 20 times the amount of ordinary ointment, according to the ancient formula using 36 kinds of authentic herbs processed, is a kind of non-clinical medical supplies products, is a national class of machinery licensed products.

Shaolin Analgesic cream Mainly for lumbar and leg bone diseases have special effects

  • Lumbar spondylosis (bulging disc, herniation, prolapse, spinal stenosis, lumbar muscle strain, sciatica)
  • Cervical spondylosis (bulging, herniated, prolapsed disc, cervical stenosis)
  • Frozen shoulder (tenosynovitis, tennis elbow, mother’s hand, mouse hand)
  • Arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis)
  • Pain caused by bruises (meniscus tears, etc.)

In many years of clinical practice for back and leg bone disease “three permeation therapy”.

The first step, transdermal: Shaolin pain relief ointment on the skin has a strong penetrating and anti-inflammatory pain relief effect. Generally, within 3 minutes after the paste is absorbed through the skin through the efficient purification of the special effects of substances quickly achieve a strong pain relief effect, the patient can obviously feel the strong penetrating power of the paste.

The second step is to penetrate the flesh: the essence of 36 herbs quickly reaches the muscles around the lesion, eliminating the inflammation of adhesions, fluid and edema deposited in the bursa, joints, fascia, tendons and muscles for many years, softening the bone spurs and thoroughly improving microcirculation in the affected area.

The third step is to penetrate the bone: Shaolin local pain relief ointment continues to work, and after the edema in the focal area is eliminated, a large amount of blood enters the muscle and the harmful metabolites are removed. After the thorough improvement of internal circulation, muscle joint and fascia tension increases, and the drug essence repairs bone colonies (interosseous disc, bone enamel, periosteum, etc.) stubborn pain and muscle disorders are completely eradicated, thus achieving the purpose of eradicating back and leg bone disease without surgery and oral intake.

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Shaolin Medical Plaster

Shaolin Medical Plaster

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