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Buddha Necklace

There is a folk saying that “men wear Guanyin and women wear Buddha”, which is mainly taken from traditional Chinese culture and the I Ching… It is believed that the jade Buddha necklace can bring blessings to women and is their protector, blessing them with peace, health, wealth and happiness.

Maitreya Buddha necklace is mostly sitting cross-legged, but there are also standing Buddhas, the posture is relaxed and casual, but also highlights the stability of the atmosphere. Jade Buddha necklace has a head, bust and full-body image, generally carved into the image alone can be worn, but also inlaid with gold and silver around the jade Buddha, with red, black and yellow rope, bead bead chain, precious metal chain and then worn on top of the neck, to play the role of blessing and accessories.

wear jade Buddha necklace is still quite a lot of precautions, it is said that jade nourish people, then is not a person also want to raise good jade it. Wearing jade Buddha pendants are generally mostly women, the harmonics of the Buddha is blessed, women wear is the meaning of good fortune. Secondly, wearing a jade Buddha pendant and a point to note, is to respect the jade Buddha, that is, to have good intentions, not to do something contrary to the teachings of Buddhism, if the violation will be punished by the Buddha.

when wearing the jade Buddha necklace, but also to avoid collision, because the jade Buddha pendant made of jade, and jade material is more fragile, if the bump will be damaged. And wear jade also pay attention to maintenance, to regularly clean, so as to give the jade Buddha pendant clean and fresh feeling

Wearing jade Buddha necklace precautions.

  • to be kind-hearted, do more good deeds, not because of good small, not because of evil small.
  • in filthy places (such as the toilet) it is best not to wear jade Buddha or not exposed jade Buddha, do not let the filth tarnish the jade Buddha, try to take off when bathing.
  • wear jade Buddha necklace is best to wear long-term, do not leave the body, only a long time to wear the jade Buddha to have the effect of blessing the Lord, if for special reasons can not wear, need to carefully remove, with red or yellow soft cloth carefully wrapped in a clean box, placed in a high place, not arbitrarily placed;.
  • Do not give the jade Buddha you wear around to others, and do not just accept others’ jade Buddha to wear, and not to wear the jade Buddha of unknown origin.
  • jade has a spirit, if you wear the jadeite jade Buddha has broken, it is likely that it just blocked a disaster for you, should not continue to wear, should be wrapped in yellow soft cloth with a box properly placed.

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