Three Section Staff

Three Section Staff

three section staff

The three section staff is one of the soft instruments of martial arts. is a Chinese Ancient flail weapon . It consists of three short staff of equal length connected by iron rings in the middle, also known as the “three-sectional staff” and “3 section staff” . There are also long three-section stick and short three-section stick, the full length of the three-section stick is equal to the height of the practitioner upright straight arm up to the fingertips, and the folk martial artist’s three-section staff has “stretch a zhang” said. Therefore, it can be used as a long instrument, and can be used for long-distance striking. Folding is a short stick, about the same length as the arm, very convenient to carry, often used for self-defense and defense of the belongings.

How to practice Three Section Staff

Because the three-section staff is connected to three sections, the section can be used. And three sections interchangeable, both offensive and defensive, can be long or short, far and near to take into account. The stick method has split, sweep, swing, strike, poke, strangle, frame and various dance flowers, etc., very rich. And has a free stretch, in and out of the difficult to prevent, soft and hard with each other, the characteristics of change, by the practitioners of martial arts love. But because the 3 Sectional Staffs is hard with soft instruments, the direction is easy to change, it is not easy to master, coupled with its running speed, power fierce, often have fear when learning the psychology. I practice three section staffs once several times by the tip of the section hit the head, summer practice, the two ribs are often chains pinch out blood marks.

3 section staff

In order to facilitate learning, reduce the psychological burden, according to the author’s experience, the beginning of the equipment can be reduced to light, the tips of the two ends of the soft things such as cotton wrapped; or bamboo rod knocked into a filament after twisting wrapped up into a practice three section staffs. Familiarize yourself with the performance of the three-sectional staffs by practicing some simple and basic methods first, and find out its running rules. Then practice method by method and move by move, from a single and coherent, and then comprehensive practice to master.
The versatility of the use of the 3 section staff depends on the flexibility of its grip. One hand or both hands hold a tip section, then a free section is available; two hands hold two tip sections, then all three sections can be used; one hand or both hands hold the middle section, two free sections can be used together. It can be seen that the different parts of the grip form the colorful practice and usage of the three-section stick.

Features of the three-section Staffs

Three knot staffs three sections can hold and can be used. Dance up to three sections of interchangeable, varied methods, near and far, both soft and hard, fierce and agile movements, the momentum is compelling. Therefore, when practicing the two hand grips must be stable in the live, live in the change. When you start to learn, you should first learn the method by moving, and then grasp the essence of each method, the law of motion, and the characteristics of the force. On this basis, then practice various combinations of grip changes.

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